• Richard Fitzgerald

    Richard Fitzgerald

    Managing Director and Founder, Augustus - UAE
  • Chris Fleming

    Chris Fleming

    CEO, Cyberhawk - UK
    A pioneer in the drone inspection industry, leads field teams on the most technically challenging projects for Cyberhawk.
  • Welington Fonseca

    Welington Fonseca

    SVP, Global Customer Marketing, Shiseido Group - USA
  • Fabio Fontana

    Fabio Fontana

    VP and Managing Director Middle East, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Andreas Fritz

    Andreas Fritz

    Director Strategic Management, Virtual Forge
  • Robert G. Urban

    Robert G. Urban

    Global Head Innovation, Johnson & Johnson - USA
    Listed among the "Top 100 Most Visionary Leaders" in biotechnology
  • Miguel Gaspar

    Miguel Gaspar

    Deputy Mayor for Mobility and Safety, City of Lisbon
    drives the city’s current & future urban mobility policies, including city traffic management, municipal BUS and Tram company Carris
  • Steve Geiger

    Steve Geiger

    President, Innova Partners - UAE
  • Jebin George

    Jebin George

    Program Manager – Insights & Smart Cities, IDC - UAE
  • Nachiket Girish Deshpande

    Nachiket Girish Deshpande

    Founder, AXS Solutions - UAE
  • Konrad Goleman

    Konrad Goleman

    Senior Technical and Solutions Development Manager, Allied Telesis - Japan
  • Lorenzo Gonzales

    Lorenzo Gonzales

    Chief of Digital Innovation and Global presales Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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