The largest future mobility event in MENA

GITEX GLOBAL will host the largest future mobility event in the Middle East, with Future Mobility being placed as a priority at this year’s edition of the largest tech event in the world.

With surges in development of green tech and AI, the future of mobility has never looked brighter. GITEX GLOBAL provides the ultimate platform for getting your brand in front of the consumers, buyers and those sourcing the latest in mobility tech.

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Key topics include:

Ai, Metaverse and Cars - what’s the hype, what's the fun ?

Generative Ai, Blockchain Technology, IP patenting and Infringement Dilemma

Future Car Designs with Ai : Materials, Range, Designing and more - who's your speeding competition?

Decoding the Future of Mobility in the Ai era

EV lifecycle management, Battery Assessment and Disposal (Circular) – EU Battery Passport Regulation

Ai, optimizing battery life and reducing strain on power grids

5G – Intelligent Transportation infrastructure, Connected vehicles & Data Security

Innovation in Connected and Autonomous Cars : Ai, CAV advancements, Vehicle IoT, 5G & mapping technology

Mobility as a Service

Hydrogen Technology

Urban Air Mobility and eVTOLS disruptors

Drone technology and last mile delivery solution

Why you should attend


Meet world’s most promising mobility leaders and share thought leadership decoding the Future of Mobility in the Ai era


Engage with world’s biggest mobility brands to learn if the EV designing ecosystem is disrupted by Generative AI, blockchain patenting, and IP infringement dilemma?


Explore if bidirectional charging the next big thing for EVs as the strain on power grids global vehicle-to-grid (V2G) market will reach $15.03 billion by 2031


Identify your prospects for collaboration over your speeding competition


Learn trends and what's coming around Ai, Metaverse and Car


Maki Kaplinsky


ASKA Drive & Fly Vehicle

Frank Stephenson

Chief Designer


Mark Loughran

Group president

Indrive Holdings

Dr. Yinian Mao

General Manager

Meituan Drone Delivery & VP Meituan

Sanshiro Fukao

Board member

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), Standardization Body

Dr. Jane Thomason


World Metaverse Council

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