• Andrey Belozerov

    Andrey Belozerov

    Strategy & Innovations Advisor to CIO, Moscow - Russia
    Heading Moscow's innovation initiatives, including city-wide Wi-Fi & online data portals
  • Borhene Ben Mena

    Borhene Ben Mena

    Chief Executive Officer, Shipa Delivery - UAE
  • Kris Benett

    Kris Benett

    Blockchain Influencer, #blockchainbeardguy - USA
    #2 most influential blockchain expert on brave new coin
  • Sebastien Jean Bernard Henot

    Sebastien Jean Bernard Henot

    Business Innovation, Renault - UAE
  • Amit Bhasin

    Amit Bhasin

    EVP – Product Enablement and Strategy, QualityKiosk Technologies - UAE
  • Kuldeep Singh Bhatnagar

    Kuldeep Singh Bhatnagar

    IT Advisor, Business Analyst, Acting Chief Information Security Officer, Environment Agency - UAE
  • Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr

    Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr

    Director General, Smart Dubai Office - UAE
    Named the 'Leading Woman In The Public Sector 2015' at The Global Women in Leadership Economic Forum.
  • Philippe Blanchard

    Philippe Blanchard

    Founder & CEO, Futurous - UAE
    Philippe was in charge of the Bid Dossier and has been pivotal to the success of Dubai: strategic planning, Technology and Innovation master plans.
  • Debbie Botha

    Debbie Botha

    Executive Information Architect, Client Technical Architect, Global Markets, Middle East, IBM - UAE
  • Nicolas Boudot

    Nicolas Boudot

    VP Sales & Marketing , SoftBank Robotics - UAE
  • Samuel Burke

    Samuel Burke

    CNNMoney Business + Technology Correspondent, CNN - USA
    Emmy Award winning journalist who Led CNNMoney's global technology coverage & reporting on the world's top business stories
  • Hamza Butt

    Hamza Butt

    Director, Strategic Relations, Live admins - UAE

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