Rack Access Control

Rack Access Control

Austin Hughes Hall: Sheikh Rashid Hall Stand: SR-3

Austin Hughes S-700 Digital Access Control Solution provides enhanced rack level access security for third-party racks, ideal in data centre and server room locations. 

Austin Hughes has increased its InfraSolution rack smart card access control range with the addition of a S-700 Stand-alone Digital Handle. 

>> Sophisticated Keypad with Colour LED: Advanced touchscreen numerical key pad is combined with a smart card access sensor. To gain access to the rack the user must present an authorised smart card before entering a 6-digit code on the numerical keypad. 

>> Designed for Third Party Racks: The digital handle is an intelligent design and suits the universal mounting cut out found on most third-party racks and cabinets, negating the need for costly or complicated door customisation. 

>> Simple Installation: The key hardware components for each rack consists of a pair of digital handles, a numerical key pad and cable accessories and can be easily installed. 

>> Dual Locking System: The mechanical lock can be used to override the electronic lock to release or lock the handle. 

>> Smart Card Options: Smart card handles are available with either Proximity or MiFARE compatible readers. Alternatively, User’s existing smart cards can also be used if required.  

>> Affordable Rack Security Upgrade: The InfraSolution S-700 Digital access control solution provides an affordable upgrade to standard locks (where most racks are supplied with the same key number to multiple clients). 

>> Sensor, Light Bar and PDU Integration: S-700 control panel can provide local display and monitoring for integrated InfraPower W3 Intelligent PDUs, Temperature and Humidity Sensors and LED light bar. 

>>Free and user-friendly software: Via the free utilities (ISU-01) software the admin / user passcodes can be changed and smartcards assigned.

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