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The Technology Of The Future Is Now!

Libelium is powering the IoT Revolution joining efforts with an important network of partners to ensure the maximum interoperability with our IoT sensor hardware platform worldwide certified

Innovative solutions for Smart City

Water management and quality, smart parking, mobile scanning or air quality monitoring.

Smart Agriculture

Crops and farm intelligent management

Cloud services

Libelium Cloud Bridge is a service for connecting sensor nodes with many cloud services available for data analysis and graphical representation. Data goes through the Libelium Cloud Bridge service to the final cloud service.The Libelium Cloud Bridge service has a buffer of limited size that is cleared as far as data is sent to the final cloud service.


Waspmote Plug & Sense! 

Technology ready to install!

Waspmote Plug & Sense! is the the best option to use in commercial deployments. It has been designed with a robust waterproof enclosure that simplifies installation and maintenance process. Moreover, you can order them factory-programmed saving you development costs and time. The result is a ready to install and easy to deploy sensor device that reduces time to market in any application. You can focus on your customer and forget about the sensing part. Besides, the platform is market-ready because it is certified for the main regions in the world.


Smart Cities IoT Vertical Kit!

Application examples:

Noise Urban Maps

Description: Sound monitoring in bar  areas and centric zones in real time

Sensors:  Noise / Sound Level (LeqA in dBA).


Smart Lighting

Description: Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights

Sensors: Luminosity (luxes accuracy).


 Air Quality

Description: Control of the pollution levels

Sensors: CO , NO2 , O3.


Weather Control

Description: Monitor atmospheric conditions

Sensors:  Humidity, luminosity (Luxes), temperature, atmospheric pressure.



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