Incorta for Netsuite

Incorta for Netsuite

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  • Incorta for Netsuite
  • Incorta for Netsuite
  • Incorta for Netsuite
Incorta for Netsuite Incorta for Netsuite Incorta for Netsuite

Oracle NetSuite customers can now seamlessly layer modern analytics and operational intelligence on top of their NetSuite data thanks to Incorta's next-generation analytics platform.  With Incorta, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Move beyond saved searches, reports, pivot tables and NetSuite KPIs; welcome to modern BI and business analytics using Incorta's platform linked to original NetSuite data.

  • Incorta delivers modern BI dashboards combined with instantaneous drill-down all the way to the individual transaction (faster than can be done within NetSuite itself).

  • Quick implementation: light up your NetSuite data for real-time analytics in only a matter of hours.

  • Leverage Incorta's library of best-practice dashboards that work on ALL NetSuite environments.

  • REAL self-service BI that enables adding your custom fields and records to dashboards without requiring IT to be involved.

  • Start with the connection to NetSuite data; expand with connections to virtually any other data source and combine previously siloed data into one data analytics solution.

Incorta unshackles business users from static, cumbersome saved searches and empowers them to have real-time conversations about data, with no advanced technical skills required. In addition, Incorta makes a self-service business discovery and instantaneous access to insights on NetSuite data available to a much wider range of users—essentially anyone who can work with a dashboard.


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