A Ready-Made Smart Home Solution for Smart People

A Ready-Made Smart Home Solution for Smart People

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  • A product that provides you leisure
  • A product that takes care of your Security
  • A product that gives your luxury

That is what our smart home solution stand for. We promise a home that is in harmony with you. A home that is integrated with voice technology, and mobile technology.

In Gitex 2019, Witness our cutting edge Smart home products that make your life better.

 You won’t have to get up every time for controlling your appliances. A guest has come? Open the door with just a single command.

Don’t want to get into awkward silences during a conversation? Turn on your TV just by instruction. Want to change the mood of the room by changing the hues of the light? Just command.

From operating every appliance remotely to make your home more secure to theft? Our Smart home solution will make your life easy.

Get our ready to go smart home solution, integrate it today, and become the smartest!

What your Smart home will be capable of?

  • Increase the security of your home

Get notified for any suspicious activity going on while you are not at home. Any such activity will trigger all the light on and will send you a notification.

  • Control the temperature

Stay cozy and comfortable with the Installed thermostat that will smartly adjust the temperature of your room according to your need.

  • Fire safety

In case of any hazardous fire emergency, the smoke detectors will detect the smoke and send signals to the nearby emergency personnel and your phone.

  • Control electronics appliances

Manage all your electronics on your fingertip. You will be able to on/off or adjust any of household appliances through a mobile application.

  • Operate garage door

Forget to close your garage door? No worries you will be able to control your garage door through your mobile.

  • Operate window curtains

With just a single voice command you can manage the daylight in your home to increase comfort, save energy, and protect interiors.

  • Energy saving

Save energy through responsive energy savings and location-based automation and usage recommendation based on your activity.

With the successful Gitex Experience in 2018, we are coming with the most luxurious, most elegant, and most reliable ready-made Smart solutions in Gitex 2019.

Step by our booth and experience our contribution to the smart society with our smart products.

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