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Press Releases

Press Releases

  • The regions biggest technology event is geared up to'welcome and wow you. Still need a reason to come? Well give you 7! 1.'BILLIONS ON THE LINE!' Gartner reports that the total market value of the'MEN ...
  • Smart phones, smart fridges, smart cities ' everything is increasingly connected to everything else. The internet-of-things revolution has brought new (and'often frivolous) features to the most mundan ...
  • Credit: KhaleejTimes As we look towards the future, we can already see how artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to change the way we live and interact together as humans. What many of us don't con ...
  • Our products showed on CES.

  • Stuart Melton said: ”You have the most advanced production lines, sophisticated testing equipments and professional team,If any customer doubts about "Necero 's " products,it will be a great idea to i ...
  • IDEAL Networks launches LanTEK IV, a copper and fibre cable certifier that provides a unique way to certify, bringing a new standard to the industry.

  • This is a unique product that combines a 10.1" Full HD resolution LCD

  • ISnSC has been helping Government, Financial, Aviation and Energy organizations to solve business problems using a research & development (R&D) approach.

  • ACE

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