3 Must See GITEX segments that showcase the true value of AR/VR
By Sarah Townsend, Editor ITP

If you’re not on AR/VR bandwagon just yet, it’s time to hop on or risk being left behind. From the more obvious applications in gaming, to real estate, travel and even healthcare, developments in this space span far and wide. But don’t take our word for it, come by on the days listed below and get the latest from our line up of experts.

VR and AR for healthcare innovation – 9th Oct

Whether it’s general fitness and exercise, aiding with mental health or even gaining insight in cancerous cells, AR and VR is already etched into the fabric of healthcare innovation. Speaking on the matter, is reputed local veterinary surgeon at Umm Sequim Veterinary Centre, Christopher Queen.

Why VR? Revealing the 8 key reasons adopt VR in education! – 12th Oct

Hosted on the 5th day of GITEX, this segment will walk industry and tech enthusiasts through just why the healthcare industry needs to embrace change. Rest assured, guests will be in good hands, as leading the segment, will be Head of Digital Learning and Innovation of JESS and founder of the award winning iPad Educators website.

Show over tell: The Power of AR & VR – 12th Oct

On the same day, GITEX will feature serial entrepreneur, Shahid Azim, known for leading healthcare startups from conceptualization of breakthrough ideas all the way through too actualization. The segment will see the Entreprenuer in Residence for Harvard discuss the value of AR and VR or ‘show over tell’ within education.