Interview with Davit Baghdasaryan, CEO and Co Founder of Krisp

Davit Baghdasaryan is the co founder and CEO of, a unique tool that improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant. Davit will be speaking at GITEX GLOBAL on October 16th, Hall 9 AI Stage at 3:10pm on AI-powered Voice Productivity.

In the build up to the event, we interviewed Davit on Krisp, his thoughts on the recent wave of AI innovation, and his advice to startups looking to get started in the field.


How will Krisp continue to innovate with new AI technology?

As a leading Voice AI technology company, Krisp serves 2,000+ enterprises and call centers with its 3 AI-powered technologies: - Noise Cancellation, Accent Localization, and Real-Time Transcription. 

Currently deployed on 200M+ desktop and mobile platforms, Krisp's technology powers Discord, RingCentral, Twilio, Vonage, Zoho, etc and processes 75B+ minutes of audio streams each month.

We plan to continue innovating in the Voice AI space and bring more exciting real-time technologies to the world.


What are the challenges with hiring AI experts, and has this changed over the last few years?

Krisp has established an AI lab in Armenia back in 2017. Since then we have expanded the lab significantly becoming one of the leading Voice AI labs in the world. Given our deep roots and connections in Armenia, hiring and growing AI talent has proven to be very effective for us.


What would your advice be to a startup in AI?

With the proliferation of AI development tools, it’s becoming easier to integrate AI into products. Very soon, AI (especially Generative AI) won’t be a differentiator for startups.

Hence, AI is just another technology under your belt and you must use it as yet another tool. 

This means that like in the past, what’s important for your startup is the use case you are solving for your customers and how well you are doing it. Focus on that.


What are you most looking forward to at GITEX this year?

Sharing about the possibilities of Voice Productivity AI and connecting with like-minded people.

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