OCT 06 – 10, 2019

Synergising the mind and technology economy


The most important week in the regional technology calendar for the last 38 years, GITEX is a must-attend event located in Dubai. This is where the world’s technology leaders, enterprises and startups come together to show you the future of every business and every industry, as it happens.

From top exhibitors and speakers to new product launches and live experiences, the most renowned names in technology have come alive here. This year, GITEX hosts 24 technology shows in one, converging sectors and industries that will impact our lives, 365 days a year.

GITEX is a celebration of technology possibilities for anyone who believes in the power of innovation to shape future business and society.



Spotlight on new features:

Synergising the mind and technology economy

Synergising the mind and technology economy

Technology has shifted the boundaries of what we once envisioned as impossible, and its usage has been linked to revolutionary social, economic and business transformation. The impact is powerful, real and sustainable.

Technology cannot - and should not - replace humans and traits such as communication, empathy, comprehension. The theory of mind dictates that engagement or the ability to mentalize is a task that is impossible for a non-human entity to truly replicate.

Through GITEX 2019, we invite stakeholders in the technology economy to work towards a mindful balance of the unbridled power of technology and the human mind, by acknowledging how they complement one another and are not mutually exclusive. 



The 5G revolution is rapidly moving forward, enabling new applications, services, and solutions that will facilitate cross-industry transformation and ultimately, shape the way in which we live our lives.

From high-quality entertainment streaming on our mobile devices, to e-vehicles, smart cities, and mobile patient monitoring, 5G technology will empower leaders to shift new frontiers as they introduce new services, solutions and applications.

GITEX 2019 will highlight the biggest shifts in communications and IT systems as carriers roll out the upgrades of their mobile networks to 5G. Not only will 5G deliver faster and enhanced mobile broadband, it will enable hyper-connectivity between machines, people and things, creating an eco-system for new innovations. The future begins at GITEX this October!

Consumer Tech

Consumer Tech

Technology is connecting all aspects of our lives, and this has a transversal impact on how consumers both live and work. In terms of a connected lifestyle, the true value of smart home and lifestyle technology is achieved in convergence across residential, enterprise, mobile, hospitality, commercial, and public spaces. As the rapid adoption of connected consumer devices creates new experiences, integrators can shift to expand ecosystems.

GITEX’s Sync Smart will showcase real interoperable and integrated products needed to live a truly smart life. From smart kitchen appliances and surveillance cameras, to home entertainment and mobile electronics and beauty products, Sync Smart debuts the products that enable a connected lifestyle.

Generation Z

Generation Z

Why Generation Z?

Representing 2 billion of the global population, Generation Z’s are at the forefront of the digital economy worldwide. They contribute USD 44 billion to the American economy and is anticipated to account for one-third of the population by 2020. 60% of the GCC is under the age of 24 and have a buying power in the vicinity of USD 150 billion which only increases when considering their influence of parents’ spend. Generation Z is the next generation of consumers, as well as leaders. 

Generation Z is here

Some of the most influential and disruptive Generation Z players from around the world will join investors, thought leaders, and business leaders at GITEX Future Stars 2019 to impart invaluable insights and youthful energy as  to get you thinking like a Gen Z’er! GITEX Future Stars will house your shift towards the next generation. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence 

There is no area that will not be impacted by automation in some shape or form. It is the brains at the core of all emerging technology and will transform everything from manufacturing and heavy industry to every business involving customer interaction. In fact, whether you are a citizen, company or nation, AI is already changing your life in more ways than you realise. The AI Ambition Zone is the arena for heavyweight visionaries to take everything a step further, expand our imagination and dare us to find new ways for AI to improve our lives.

Experience it all here - spectacular demos of the world’s biggest AI breakthroughs. From the real world of applications such as self-driving vehicles and robots working in hotels and hospitals to AI-enabled customer service chatbots, face recognition and cybersecurity solutions.

GITEX Future Mobility 

GITEX Future Mobility 

This year we launch the GITEX Future Mobility Zone with a 3-day conference and exhibition. Discover how cities around the world prepare for the complete overhaul of urban transport. The technology of future mobility is optimizing and scaling transportation solutions where drivers, vehicle ownership and gasoline will no longer be required. New services and solutions that reduce congestion and optimize transport capacity will free up our time and urban spaces. Soon, it will transform every aspect of our lives - how we live, spend our time, interact and design our cities. Get a glimpse of things to come with visionary presentations and futuristic showcases from both established companies and start-ups. New vehicles, innovative transport solutions and business models using e-mobility, autonomous technology, e-Scooters and MaaS and more, it’s all here!

New exhibitors joining GITEX 2019 

Siemens  mitsubishi   HoneywellTATA     China MobileA10   Automation Anywhere       Energizer        FDC        HIperdist                 Trilux

Witness the future at GITEX 2019



Say hello before you meet.

Through the ConneXions platform, you have full access to book meetings with visitors and other exhibitors. You can use it to invite potential clients to meet with you on your stand or in the dedicated Meetings Lounge. Make sure you get on it, before your competitors do! 

As an exhibitor, you can also arrange meetings via the new RFP search tool. 

Browse and search relevant business opportunities posted by qualified key buyers!

The all new RFP directory feature enables:

Buyers to post needs for their current projects 
Exhibitors to search and filter for relevant opportunities 

Portal will be reopened in 2019 - watch this space!



From Inspiration to Impact

For 38 editions, the GITEX vertical days conference provides you with a platform to connect with some of world’s leading personalities and successful ‘technocrats’; helping you uncover new perspectives, explore game-changing  ideas and master the smart adoptions to reach new heights.

The GITEX 2018 conferences locked in 100+ hours of content from 120+ speakers that showcased practical applications of emerging tech.

We're busy coming up with a bigger and better programme for 2019 - watch this space!



5 Days Of Experiencing The Future

Be part of the biggest tech moments in the world, as groundbreaking technology brands, companies and startups showcase their dominant innovations across 18 Dedicated Exhibiting Zones. 2019 will see the introduction of two new sectors – Mobility and Consumer Tech.

  • "I’m very impressed by the scale of the event, the diversity of the exhibitions, quality of the talks. It’s really great to be in Dubai and I’m so honored to be able to be a part of GITEX."
    Cassie Kozyrkov
    Chief Decision Scientist, Google USA
  • "GITEX is the main platform to demonstrate our latest solutions and also interact with customers; both from private and public sector.”
    Ahmed Al-Faifi
  • "I am not a techie but I know what I am looking for as a marketing lead and I also know GITEX is where you can leverage technology to serve the business needs. This is really a must-visit event for the key decision makers around the globe."
    Arzu Pekguc
    Marketing Director - Alcatel, Turkey
  • “GITEX is one-stop single hub for all the IT business decision makers in the region.”
    Sam Tayan
    Managing Director, SAGE Middle East
  • You can feel the energy, innovation level here, spirit of innovation. Not only in the region, but fully right here in Dubai, in GITEX.
    Paul Misener
    VP Global Innovation Policy and Communication, Amazon
  • I knew GITEX was one of the biggest shows on the planet but until I came here, I couldn't believe how big, how lively and how exciting it was.
    Brian McBride
    Chairman, ASOS


  • This is the largest single-site solar park in the world, based on the Independent Power Project model.
  • 5G is here in the UAE - literally.
  • The UAE also ranked 5th globally in the Competitiveness Index for ICT
  • Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledger technology (DLT), and the Internet of Things (IoT), have the power to transform city services for citizens and enterprise ...





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