Trends and Innovations


GITEX 2017 will be looking at the industry trends that will shape the business of technology, identifying the tools that professionals will tap for productivity, and scoping out the technologies that enterprises will benefit from in the years ahead.


It may feel like 4G technology still has a long way to go, but the future of 5G and its effect on the connected world will be a major focus at GITEX 2017.

Once considered a luxury, the demand for Internet of Things, Smart Manufacturing to virtual reality to self-driving cars and beyond, has turned high-speed mobile internet into an essential utility for business today.

Artificial intelligence

AI has made big strides in 2016 – from Google’s AlphaGo beating the world champion of Go at his own game to the stratospheric success of the app Prisma that converts photos into incredibly realistic looking paintings using AI. These computer “brains” are now giving humans the power to simulate virtual worlds and giving computers the intelligence to understand the real world.

Expect to see companies exploring new ways to use the technology in 2017, and developing apps that integrate with virtual personal assistants like Apple Siri , Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Connected cars

Cars will be a prominent feature of GITEX this year, as the vehicles themselves become more and more high-tech. From eco-friendly electric cars to driverless vehicles, the “car of the future” is expected to be a major theme of the show.

2016 has seen the first trials of driverless cars on British and Dubai roads, while over in America, companies including Google, Uber and Ford are all at advanced stages of testing.

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality

GITEX 2017 will see the emergence of new products in the AR/VR space. There will be unobtrusive new designs and powerful smart glasses with new capabilities. The enterprise is already on board, because when you’re doing an emergency fix on an oil rig or remotely assisting a life-saving surgery, you don’t really care about how awkward the product looks and feels.

GITEX Vertical Day experience will include a fast-paced, highly curated five-day stage program focusing on 9 verticals where we will be inviting

  • Most exciting global brands talking about the future of their company
  • Challenger Brands under 30 who are changing the way industries are looked
  • Inventors, Explorers, and Unicorns with ideas that will create a future we actually want

Verticals Include

  1. Smart Manufacturing (NEW)
  2. Public Sector (NEW)
  3. Women in Tech (NEW)
  4. Healthcare
  5. Finance
  6. Education
  7. Retail
  8. Intelligent Cities
  9. Digital Marketing     



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