3D Printing, AR & VR

The value of the Middle East & Africa AR & VR market is expected to grow from $181m in 2016 to $6bn by 2020 & these transformative technologies are being widely adopted across key industries.

UAE is set to become a global hub for 3D printing by 2030

In 2016, the Dubai government released its 3D Printing Strategy announcing that 25% of all buildings will be 3D printing by 2030. Dubai Health Authority aims to fast-track 3D prosthesis technology before 2021, the UAE Ministry of Education are already rolling out VR in the classrooms to enhance school learning and Jumeirah Hospitality Group offer a full 360° experience of their residences before guests arrive.

In Saudi Arabia, the 2030 National Transformation Programme is actively promoting the application of innovative technologies to enable this initiative.
As the regional VR, AR and 3D printing market establishes itself, the race is on for suppliers to become the market leader in their field.

Who came to buy 3D printing, AR & VR technology?

– Visitors travelled from 87 countries to source 3D Printing, AR & VR Technology
– 28,478 visitors came to source 3D Printing, AR & VR Tech were buyers
– 20,219 had a purchasing budget in excess of $100,000
– 7,885 were actively purchasing at GITEX Technology Week

Companies that attended GITEX Technology Week to source 3D printing technology included:

ADNOC, Canadian Specialist Hospital, Colgate – Palmolive, DAMAC Properties Company, EMAAR, MAFRAQ Hospital, MASDAR City, The One & Only Resorts & Hotels, Roda Hotels & Resorts, Saudi Aramco, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award For Medical Sciences, Julian Kuwait – Smart Home Automation and many more…


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