Gitex Technology Week 2014

12-16 October 2014

Dubai World Trade Centre


Litech - Your Future Telecommunication and Networking Solutions

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27 Jul 2011

Advanced Network Solutions Sdn Bhd provides the most quality, innovative and cost effective Communication and Networking solutions over the globe with the best available technologies.

Being in the market for the past 16 years, we have grown and our capabilities extend across a broad range of products and services, like Fiber Optic, Coaxial and Wireless, Voice, Video and Data networks. We also have the full fledged metal manufacturing fabrications facilities to cater for in house requirements as well as for telecommunication and equipment room’s applications such as equipment racks, outdoor weather proof cabinets, fiber panels and consoles.

Next, with our registered trademark “Litech”, we have successfully delivered complete telecommunication and networking solutions projects for local telephone operators such as Digi, Telecom, Time, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia, Celcom and other private, as well as government network cabling projects, as well as in regional countries such Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Iraq, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Eqypt, and other Middle East & Africa countries. We are actively participating in regional and global exhibitions every year to promote our range of products as well as creating the relationships expanding and our presence in the global market. A trade show brings people from all over the world to do business together - NETWORKING. It’s a golden opportunity to meet the people we need to meet. It helps to create awareness of our range of products to the world and that we are able to show the value of what we’re offering.  Just by being there, we are demonstrating to possible clients, agents and licensees that we are committed and that we’ll be around awhile. You learn what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s happening in the world of the telecommunication industry. That is why we are joining GITEX Technology Week.

We hope to generate qualified leads for new sales and gaining more channel partners in the Middle East by creating awareness of out product at the GITEX Technology Week.GITEX IT Exhibition would be a great exposure for us to build up our product branding in the Middle East apart from being the venue for generating sales and getting distributor. In recent years, we managed to expand the territories by signing up distributors and have secured deals including tenders with a big Telco in the Middle East.

One of our strength is able to work closely with customers across the regions to understand their requirement and to develop customized solutions for them.  We have the in house capability in metal sheet fabrication, CNC lathe machining, plastic injection, assembly and testing, which basically enable us to come out with any new design with minimum time frame and cost.

We have committed to the continuous development and enhancement of our products quality. We achieved ISO 9001:2000 as well as obtained both local and international certification bodies and operators on many range of our products.  On top of ISO 9001:2000, we have certification by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) from USA for the structured cabling products and as well as local authorities such as SIRIMS  approval on many of voice and copper network products, as well as approval from both local and overseas operators on wide range of products.

Advanced Network Solutions Sdn Bhd is established to provide full range of telecommunication and networking solutions to the dynamic global market, through innovative solutions and quality of service. Our vision is to be one of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers in telecommunications and networking industry.

For more information, contact us or visit us at


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