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"It is time to stop Hackers"!: Haitham Bu-Aisha

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30 Sep 2013

While writing those lines, be sure that there are thousands of what is known as Internet Hackers, exerting every possible efforts to penetrate and mess out your systems, using the latest techniques that are invented and continuously updated based on new strategy called Advance Persistent Threats(APT) 

In the past the Hackers strategy was based on “hit and run”, quick penetration for a short period only, hackers at the time were premature and disorganized, today however, Hackers new strategy APT is packed by organized gangs from Russia and Eastern European countries in addition to the politically motivated groups who are very keen to penetrate and stay in to force owners to pay ransom

Another type of hacking conducted by these organized gangs, is to cause congestion on some links causing delays for targeted systems, this type is down as “DDOS Distribution Denial of Service”

The associated risks are likely to double when hosting important sites outside the home country; this applies to government as well as private institutes, exposing their sites and confidential information’s to be stolen and causing big losses and expose the companies for more breakthroughs and direct damage to public and private interests

Mr Haitham Abuaisha, CEO of Sahara Net, one of Belgacom companies announced that Sahara Net released a new Services that are aimed to manage Information Security effectively.

Mr.  Abuaisha added that old strategies adopted by many companies including Saudi Aramco dependent to protection and building good defensive systems, this good for known threats, and does not stand against new threats and prevent disasters

What Sahara Net offers the market, something new and more details will be revealed during GITEX 2013 event in Dubai, this innovative idea is based on Ethical Hacking which simply involves vulnerability assessment  to uncover weaknesses and take an action to fix any possible weaknesses.

With this idea we narrow the hackers path ad reduced their risks of penetrating  Saudi clients systems, this is pioneer in the Saudi Market which is known to be a potential target for hackers all over the world, with idea we helping to raise the security readiness to higher and effective level

On the international front, Ethical Hacking has been largely adopted and considered as key factor any defense strategy, to the extent that Nato has conducted several exercises such as Cyber Europe and Cyber Storm.

Last but not least, total damage as a result of Hackers attacks on Saudi Banks exceeds One Billion USD as per Okath newspaper on Jan 2012, in which it stated that 4-6 out of 10 internet users are exposed to vulnerability attacks

We would like to close by stating that Sahara Net was established by Saudi entrepreneurs back in 1989 and managed to attract one of the leading Telco Providers in Europe. 


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