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29 Sep 2014

CeBIT 2015 (16–20 March, Mon.–Fri.):

The only show in the world to provide a complete overview of the latest information and digitization technologies


Hannover. With “d!conomy” as its lead theme, China as Partner Country, and a solid lineup of international conferences and displays on all the defining trends in IT and digitization, CeBIT is poised for a strong start to its 2015 season this coming March. Held in Hannover, Germany, CeBIT is the world’s leading showcase for the digital economy. It is a sharply business-focused trade fair and conference that explores today’s defining market trends of big data, cloud computing, mobility, social media and security in unparalleled breadth and depth.


d!conomy as lead theme

CeBIT 2015 will center around the rapidly growing influence of IT across all areas of business and society and, associated with this, the role of IT as a key driver of innovation. “In partnership with us, the organizers of CeBIT, the IT industry has chosen ‘d!conomy’ as the lead theme for the 2015 showcase," Oliver Frese, a member of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe AG, said. “Digitization is everywhere and is shaping ever more dimensions of working and social life. IT is transforming existing business models while at the same time giving rise to completely new ones. Information technology now has the ability to rapidly disrupt entire industries. d!conomy encapsulates this development perfectly.” Over the past few years, the game-changing IT industry trends of big data, cloud computing, mobility, social media and security had developed rapidly and were now converging to have a profound combined impact on both the business world and society generally. “By virtue of convergence, fundamental innovations wield great transformative power that has already brought us to the dawn of a new, digital era of industry,” he said.


China as Partner Country

China, the official Partner Country for CeBIT 2015, has undergone a rapid process of transformation in recent years, particularly in the IT industry. Having started out primarily as a supplier of low-cost hardware components, it quickly became the offshoring destination of choice for the manufacture of finished high-value hardware products. Now, an increasing number of Chinese owned and operated IT companies are taking on the international markets with a broad range of quality products and services. In the space of just a few short years, China has matured into a strong competitor in the international IT market. And perhaps nowhere is this better illustrated than in the IPO of the country’s own, home-grown eCommerce giant Alibaba. CeBIT 2015 will feature some 600 Chinese companies and organizations, including big-name international brands like Huawei and LTE.



In a newly developed event zone in Hall 11 called SCALE 11, CeBIT will create a “habitat” for startups and the entire ecosystem of which they are a part. So, in addition to young companies (i.e. no older than five years) with innovative business models, SCALE 11 will feature big international corporations along with their venture units and accelerators, plus management consultancies and business mentors. This is the startup section of SCALE 11 and it will be complemented by a section known as Developer World, where software developers will present their solutions and discuss the latest industry trends and issues. This mutually complementary two-part structure owes its genesis to recent studies which show that the startups that succeed are those in which creative business ideas are matched with high-level programming skills. SCALE 11 will thus actively foster this symbiotic process. The Developer World component of SCALE 11 will be managed and produced in association with the respected German IT-sector publisher heise.


CODE_n international innovation competition

CODE_n is an international competition for digital pioneers, innovators and trailblazing startups. Its purpose is to foster exceptionally talented individuals and their business ideas, get them talking with established businesses, and harness the resulting synergies to spark innovation. CODE_n 2015 is themed “Into the Internet of Things.” As the world’s leading showcase for the digital industry, CeBIT will be supporting the competition again next year by providing a dedicated display area for its 50 finalists. CODE_n is open to all companies that were founded in 2010 or later and whose business model centers around monetizing the Internet of Things. Submissions opened at the start of September 2014 and close on 30 November 2014.


CeBIT Global Conferences

The CeBIT Global Conferences have gone from strength to strength over the past few years and are now one of the world’s most important conference events for IT and digitization. In 2014, the Conferences were relocated to a dedicated conference center in Hall 8 – right at the heart of the CeBIT action – and featured over 120 top-notch international speakers on three stages. The big highlights of 2014 included guest appearances by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Among the speakers so far confirmed for next year are Jamie Shea, who is the NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, Raimund Genes, the CTO of Trend Micro, and a soon-to-be-named top-level executive from Huawei. Further big-name speakers will be announced over the coming weeks and months. Tickets for the CeBIT Global Conferences 2015 go on sale at the start of October.


Theme clusters at CeBIT 2015


Digital Business Solutions: With leading names like IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Software AG, Huawei, Samsung and DATEV on the exhibitor list, the Digital Business Solutions showcase at CeBIT 2015 will be an absolute Who’s Who of the business digitization world. Arrayed at large-scale display stands and pavilions, these international players will show how businesses can enhance their efficiency, speed and competitiveness by using the right IT solutions. Recent studies show that businesses are more successful if they are highly digitized. High digitization means ensuring that as many business processes as possible are supported by IT solutions.


ECM, Input/Output Solutions: This topic cluster looks at business process optimization from a slightly different angle by providing a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, developments and solutions for capturing, managing, storing, archiving and accessing content and documents. It also presents office, workplace and help desk solutions. As a result, CeBIT is the only trade fair in the world to track enterprise document solutions across the entire document process chain – from the mail room to processing in ECMS and mailing systems right through to output solutions – and to show how those solutions can be systematically integrated and networked with other digital business processes.



ERP, CRM, BI & Commerce Solutions: In today’s world, process digitization is a key driver of business success. And businesses looking for solutions to digitize and hence optimize their processes and resource planning systems will find the software they’re looking for in these two theme clusters. . What’s more, they will in many cases find software solutions that are tailored to their particular industries. The themes covered by the ERP & Commerce Solutions cluster in Hall 5 are especially important because of big data and the smart factory revolution. Enterprise resource management systems, for instance, deal with financial, inventory, human and raw-material resources and are therefore fundamental to business efficiency and success. The displays in this topic area have a strong focus on SMEs and next year will be complemented by a new SME lounge. The CRM, BI & Enterprise 2.0 topic cluster in Hall 6 revolves around another vitally important business asset: the customer. This is the domain of customer relationship management (CRM) software and social media marketing solutions. It’s also the domain of business intelligence (BI) solutions. BI solutions are used in conjunction with customer analytics to better understand customer requirements and to integrate them directly into product development and marketing planning processes. Like other enterprise tools, CRM, BI and Enterprise 2.0 are vital to the successful management of big data. That’s because big data is useless to businesses unless it’s properly analyzed and mined using intelligent software programs. The CRM, BI & Enterprise 2.0 offering is rounded out with a high-quality forum where leading experts will discuss current issues and new application examples and trends.


Business Security: Hall 6 at CeBIT 2015 will also house a unique platform that addresses all the various security needs of modern digital businesses. That’s everything from cyber security to mobile security and data protection. CeBIT regularly features exhibits by key market and innovation leaders in IT security, with last year’s show attracting over 500 companies from this field. The Business Security cluster comprises the following theme areas: Antispam and Antivirus Solutions, Endpoint & Application Security, Network Security and Firewalls, Secure Communications & Mobile Security, Cloud and Cyber Security, Privacy, Data Loss Prevention, Data Recovery, Authentication, and Encryption.


Public Sector Parc: Located in Hall 7, this is a regular special display on ICT for the public sector. The program presents digital solutions for optimizing processes at all levels of government, from EU to national and regional level right down to local municipal level.


The Public Sector Parc’s display topics include eGovernment Solutions, Solutions for Public Administration, Geoinformation Systems, Solutions for the Public Healthcare Industry, and Solutions for Urban Agglomerations. The exhibition stands and accompanying forum will also examine a number of key trends arising from the advancing digitization of government, namely the use of secure-identity technology in eGovernment applications, cross-departmental digital infrastructure (e.g. federal-level information aggregation and management), cloud computing in the public sector (G-Cloud), eParticipation, electronic document management, social media and mobile citizen services.


Research & Innovation: CeBIT has long been the No. 1 international platform for IT-sector R&D, with many international universities and research institutions using the Research & Innovation showcase in Hall 9 to present their current projects to the world. In 2015, Research & Innovation will center around the following topic areas: 3D Technologies, Ambient Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cyber Security, Education, eLearning, Embedded Systems, Human-Machine Interaction, Industry 4.0, Innovation Sourcing, Networked Worlds, Urban Visions, and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

IT Enables: Increasingly, IT and digitization are drivers of innovation in an extremely wide range of industries. The IT Enables cluster explores this trend with reference to a number of key projects between IT providers and industrial IT users. The cluster will present concrete products and feature expert dialogue on a range of current best-practice examples. It will feature real-world examples of IT and digitization from the energy, manufacturing, automotive, mobility and networks, agriculture and food, banking and finance, retail and health sectors.


DatacenterDynamics@CeBIT: The meteoric rise of big data and cloud services is driving rapid growth in demand for data centers. To do justice to this trend, Deutsche Messe has joined forces with the respected international IT event organizer DatacenterDynamics to stage the world’s biggest data center event at CeBIT. The joint venture will yield exciting synergies between the partners’ respective strengths in organizing conferences, exhibitions and networking platforms. DatacenterDynamics@CeBIT is themed “The Business of Data Centres” and will bring visitors face-to-face with all phases of the data center value chain. The exhibits will be supported by an all-new conference that will feature presentations on a wide array of themes by experts from all industries. International opinion leaders will outline ways in which state-of-the-art data centers and cloud technologies add value in today’s business world. The program traverses four main topic areas: Design and Strategy, IT and Networks, Critical Environment, and Sourcing & Delivery.


Communications & Networks: This topic cluster explores modern communication technology in all its various forms, including conventional telephony, IP telephony and SIP solutions. The program also includes broadband solutions, networking technologies, telecommunications infrastructure and services. Visitors to Hall 13 can thus expect to find the latest products and innovations in Unified Communications, Broadband Solutions, Business Communication, Mobile Devices & Services, Networks, Smart Home Technology, Telematics & Navigation, and M2M Solutions.


Planet Reseller: This is CeBIT’s central HQ for ICT resellers. There, on about 16,000 square meters (172,200 sq. ft.) of display area, more than 250 manufacturers, distributors and retailing cooperatives from 40 countries will showcase the latest ICT products and solutions. Planet Reseller is a “trade only” event that gives professionals in the reseller segment exclusive access to all the latest technologies, including the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and accessories.


Global Sourcing: This special display is Europe’s biggest market platform for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), ODMs (original design manufacturers) and brand-name manufacturers of accessories, components and devices. Manufacturers from all around the world use the display to make contact with procurement managers and sales partners from the highly lucrative markets of Europe.


About CeBIT

Staged annually in Hannover, Germany, CeBIT is the digital industry’s leading event. Global enterprises, SMEs, startups and other companies and organizations take part in this unique blend of trade fair and convention to showcase all the relevant IT topics like Big Data, Cloud Applications, Mobile Solutions, Social Business,  IT Security and Advanced Manufacturing (Industry 4.0).


The CeBIT Global Conferences consist of keynotes and forums spotlighting the digital industry’s core markets. The key theme for CeBIT 2015 is “d!conomy”, referring to the rapid inroads being made by information technology in all areas of the economy and society. China is official Partner Country for CeBIT 2015. Further information is available at

About Deutsche Messe AG

With revenue of 312 million euros (2013), Deutsche Messe AG ranks among the world’s ten largest trade fair companies and operates the world’s largest exhibition center. In 2013, Deutsche Messe planned and staged 119 trade fairs and congresses around the world – events which hosted a total of 41,000 exhibitors and some four million visitors. The company’s event portfolio includes such world-leading trade fairs as CeBIT (IT and telecommunications), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), CeMAT (intralogistics), DOMOTEX (floor coverings), and LIGNA (wood processing and forestry). With over 1,000 employees and a network of 66 representatives, subsidiaries and branch offices, Deutsche Messe is present in more than 100 countries worldwide.


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