Userful Command and Control Module

19 Jul 2019

Userful Command and Control Module

Userful Corporation Hall: Sheikh Rashid Hall Stand: SR-16

Userful’s Command and Control Module is a real-time interactive drag’n’drop control tool to move and resize unlimited sources on a video wall or even on a single large display. It’s easy to use, flexible and responsive.

First we’re going to set up a background source. This can be video, browser, desktop, live video stream, any source Userful supports. On top of that we can layer additional sources using picture in picture. Note that you can move these sources and resize them in real time. With a double click a source window automatically occupies the full area of the display or group of displays immediately surrounding that window.

You can save any lay out you create as a preset so your video wall can quickly return to that lay out any time with the click of a mouse. Note that it’s easy to drag, drop and resize windows in real time to deliver maximum flexibility for configuring sources. Sources can even be manipulated outside their normal aspect ratio if required. Remote KVM functionality is included.

The operator’s keyboard and mouse can be used to interact with sources such as web browsers and desktop applications. Userful’s Command and Control Module makes it easy to configure and manage multiple sources in real time ensuring customers have the flexibility to manipulate content in just about every possible way.


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