KW-WL-LWE7 Wi-Fi smart bulb

KW-WL-LWE7 Wi-Fi smart bulb

Shenzhen Bobotel Technology Development Co,. Ltd Hall: Hall 2 Stand: H2-G47

1.Support Apple and Android download                                        2.Support Amazon Alexa, Google Home voice control and IFTTT intelligent control                         
3.Using on E26,E27 screw at home, turning on power supply and use it easily.                             
4.Lights can be controled by multi mobile phones.                      5.Mobile phone APP can control multi bulbs                                
6.After connecting bulbs with home network at the first time, unber 2,3,4G or other Wi-Ficontrols,control the power supply  and set up timing switch.            
7.Timing switch can set 20 sets of timing, you can also set daily, working group, weekend and other modes.                                  8.Mobile Phone APP adjusts white light or color for light bulb,supporting 1600million colors.                         
9.Scenario mode provides a variety of mode choices to make your room more gentle and fragrant                            
10.Set up linkage scenes to enable multiple bulbs to turn on or off together                  
11.With music rhythm function, bulbs can follow music rhythm to change color


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