HelloLeads Regi - A complete Digital Registration solution @ INTEC 2017

23 Sep 2019

HelloLeads Regi - A complete Digital Registration solution @ INTEC 2017

HelloLeads.io Hall: Hall 1 Stand: H1-G6

HelloLeads Regi is a complete Digital based event registration solution that enables

  • Improve data accuracy and event productivity
  • Simple and easy Self registration
  • Help Organizers with live status of registration

HelloLeads REGI provides 

1. Digital Registration & Analytics , where visitors can register themself through any of the below three ways 

  • Missed call
  • QR Code
  • Direct web Link

The digital registration includes

  1.  Cloud Based Registration Solution
  2.  Mobile Based Self Registration
  3.  Standard M-Badges And E-Badges
  4.  E-Badges By Email To Visitors
  5.  Standard Badge Printing Solution
  6.  Analytics And Live Information On Registration 

2. Exhibitor Visitor Engagement - All visitors get a badge with QR / bard code with their contact details in it. HelloLeads - Lead management CRM is provided to the Exhibitors for capturing these details by just scanning the QR / bar code. They can also map these leads against their interest product and write (record)  quick notes of their conversation with the visitor.

3. Social networking with the members of the event - All visitors and exhibitors can find each other easily based on their interest and background using Greeto , a social networking application.

4. Digital based feedback from Visitors and Exhibitors - Links are shared with all the exhibitors and visitors for a digital feedback form. Real time analytics of the feedback is provided and the answers can be downloaded in Excel. 

How HelloLeads will help Organizers ?

  • Complete and Correct data of all visitors –Since visitors key in their own information via self-registration
  • Real time data sharing
  • If the exhibitor’s main objectives of exhibiting are fulfilled and challenges are overcome, it adds to the success of the event
  • Use of technology and improving productivity, improves the branding and status of the events organized by the Organizer.

REGI Benefits

  • Accurate -Organizers get data which is far more accurate with this Self Driven registration process
  • Instant Data –Organizers get instant data of visitors, hourly and daily counts for the event
  • Modern –Visitors get a great First Impression of the event and have an innovative experience
  • Sharable -visitor data is sharable among the team members of the event Organizer

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