Genew A Global Leading ICT Solutions Provider

29 Jul 2019

Genew A Global Leading ICT Solutions Provider

Genew Technologies Co.,Ltd. Hall: Zabeel Hall Stand: Z2-D3

Earthquake burns everything  Wide heart embraces all
A Global leading ICT solutions provider
Genew Technologies Co., Ltd.
Digital information is transmitted at high speed today
The world is changing
Innovation only remains
From good to excellence, Genew buddies have created history with an innovative and pragmatic spirit.
Through 15 years development process of ICT Solutions,a strong integrated communication solutions division was forged.
Genew Technologies was founded in 2005
Is a national high-tech enterprise with Integrated R&D, Production, Sales and Services specializing in next-generation communication network products.
Headquartered in Shenzhen High-tech Park
Branches and technical support center in Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, UAE, Italy, and Spain
The company not only has excellent technical capabilities, 
but also it has assembled a core management team from research and development, production, sales to service.

With 15 years of focus and honing, Genew has built its own unique core competitiveness with wisdom.
With continuous development and growth, Company is achieved breakthrough performance every year
Over the years, it has been highly recognized and widely praised by Government, Corporate and Industry Clients
Become the best strategic supplier of Telecom Product and Services for first-class customers at domestic and abroad
Innovation is the eternal theme of enterprise development
Genew has adhered to the concept of “Creation is everlasting vitality”, with independent innovation as the core aspiration and customer satisfaction as the prime objective.
It always adhere to the demand-driven technological innovation and customized Services solutions 
The company's core products mainly include 4G/5G core network, access network, transmission network, smart city, command control, big data, etc.
Applications include Telecom Operation, Smart City, Public Emergency, Smart Grid, Mining Communication, etc.
Genew Technologies has vast experience in R&D and manufacturing of ICT System. 
It has built up ICT R&D and Technical Support team for quick response to market demands. It opens up the door to a more user friendly and convenient communication world.

Technology is the cornerstone of products, and quality is the vitality of products.
Genew has adhered to the principle of "quality cannot be compromised" and guided by “Customer satisfaction is the only purpose of survival”, Genew strictly control the quality inspection of products and services.
After years of technical accumulation, Genew has won 2 national scientific and technological progress awards, 23 core invention patents, 71 software copyrights, 49 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and special network access certificates with strong product and technology development iteration capabilities, with 5G development capabilities.
With people, it just has a thriving today
With people, it just has a broad future.
Business starts with people and ends with people.
65% Genew has hundreds of R&D staff

The core backbones are from first-class communication companies at home and abroad.
of annual sales are spent on research funding
Committed to original and independent research and development
Organize and implement a number of scientific and technological projects
The gathering of talents has brought about continuous innovation of new technologies and brought about a leap in development.
Dare to dream, dare to achieve
Under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” and “Great Country and Telecom”
Genew has deepened the value of the country, promoted the globalization, focused on private network communication and built core competitiveness.
Continuously improved the technical competency level and performance of Product and Services
It has expanded market share in private network communications too. 
It has become the top five in the 5G core network industry, the top three in the industry of access networks, and the top three in the emergency command industry.
There is an idea that is an interpretation of innovation, so the Genew has a global perspective and keeps pace with the times.
There is an attitude, it is the attachment to perfection, so the Genew has a focus on technology, concise quality
There is a kind of service, which is the exchange of heart and heart, so the Genew has a lot to listen to and fulfil the aspiration of customer.
Genew Technologies Co., Ltd.
A Global leading ICT solutions provider


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