23 Sep 2019


4system Polska Sp. z o.o. Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-30
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  • 3D simulation software technical service (engines, electrical devices, etc.)
  • Intuitive method to create scenarios of repairs and services - through templates defined in MS Excel sheets
  • Interactive simulation is a lot more than videos
  • Carefully checks the knowledge of procedures - saves the time of the trainer
  • An ingenious practice opportunity to detect mistakes while repairing an expensive or hazardous/dangerous device
  • Learning by doing - Fixing a device without the real consequences when performing a 3D maintenance process
  • Shows hints, but the student has to do all the steps himself
  • Stress free practice - focus on your task& results, not the consequences
  • Practice makes perfect: try as many time as you need while learning by doing

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