Spotlight On

Spotlight On

Artificial Intelligence

There is no area that will not be impacted by automation in some shape or form. It is the brains at the core of all emerging technology and will transform everything from manufacturing and heavy industry to every business involving customer interaction. In fact, whether you are a citizen, company or nation, AI is already changing your life in more ways than you realise. AI at GITEX is uniting all the heavyweight visionaries to take everything a step further, expand our imagination and dare us to find new ways for AI to improve our lives.

Experience it all here - spectacular demos of the world’s biggest AI breakthroughs. From the real world of applications such as self-driving vehicles and robots working in hotels and hospitals to AI-enabled customer service chatbots, face recognition and cybersecurity solutions.

Future Mobility

This year we launch the GITEX Future Mobility with a dedicated conference track and exhibition space. Discover how cities around the world prepare for the complete overhaul of urban transport. The technology of future mobility is optimising and scaling transportation solutions where drivers, vehicle ownership and gasoline will no longer be required. New services and solutions that reduce congestion and optimize transport capacity will free up our time and urban spaces. Soon, it will transform every aspect of our lives - how we live, spend our time, interact and design our cities.

Get a glimpse of things to come with visionary presentations and futuristic showcases from both established companies and startups. New vehicles, innovative transport solutions and business models using e-mobility, autonomous technology, e-Scooters and MaaS and more, it’s all here!

GITEX Lifestyle Tech

Technology is connecting all aspects of our lives, and this has a transversal impact on how consumers both live and work. In terms of a connected lifestyle, the true value of smart home and lifestyle technology is achieved in convergence across residential, enterprise, mobile, hospitality, commercial, and public spaces. As the rapid adoption of connected consumer devices creates new experiences, integrators can shift to expand ecosystems.

GITEX’s dedicated Life Tech Hall will showcase real interoperable and integrated products needed to live a truly smart life. From smart kitchen appliances and surveillance cameras, to home entertainment and mobile electronics and beauty products, this is where products that enable a connected lifestyle will be unveiled.

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