• Ashraf Allam

    Ashraf Allam

    Vice President, Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Mundipharma - UAE
  • Jakub Ananda Duch

    Jakub Ananda Duch

    Executive Officer, Vice President of International Sales, Allied Telesis - UAE
  • Johan Ander

    Johan Ander

    Head of SmartLiving Program Manager, Fortum - Sweden
    Led one of the largest R&D programs for 4 years with Ericsson, ABB & Electrolux: Smart Energy City
  • Gaurav Anil Dhar

    Gaurav Anil Dhar

    Second Generation FinTech Entrepreneur, Marshal Equipment - UAE
  • Ghazi Atallah

    Ghazi Atallah

    CEO, NXN - UAE
    Received the Telecom leadership award at the 8th Arab Internet and Telecom conference in May 2006 
  • Scott Austin

    Scott Austin

    Senior Executive VP of North America, Everledger - Singapore
    Over 17 years of experience in the RFID and Smartcard Industry & over 30 yrs of C-Level International business experience, start-ups & M&A activity
  • Ibrahim Abdulkader Bakhrani

    Ibrahim Abdulkader Bakhrani

    Director, Digital Communication LLC - UAE
  • Prabu Balasubramanian

    Prabu Balasubramanian

    Executive Director , Transsys - UAE
  • Santiago Bañales

    Santiago Bañales

    Managing Director, Iberdrola Innovation Middle East-UAE
  • Ger Barron

    Ger Barron

    Chief Technology officer, City of Amsterdam - Netherlands
    Led the public-private sectors partnership to make Amsterdam a Smart City
  • Andrey Belozerov

    Andrey Belozerov

    Strategy & Innovations Advisor to CIO, Moscow - Russia
    Heading Moscow's innovation initiatives, including city-wide Wi-Fi & online data portals
  • Borhene Ben Mena

    Borhene Ben Mena

    Chief Executive Officer, Shipa Delivery - UAE


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