• Leif Axelsson

    Leif Axelsson

    Innovation Strategy Director, China Euro Vehicle Technology - Sweden
    He has more than 65 peer reviewed journal articles and conference papers and 6 patents granted.
  • Ger Barron

    Ger Barron

    Chief Technology officer, City of Amsterdam - Netherlands
    Led the public-private sectors partnership to make Amsterdam a Smart City
  • Andrey Belozerov

    Andrey Belozerov

    Strategy & Innovations Advisor to CIO, Moscow - Russia
    Heading Moscow's innovation initiatives, including city-wide Wi-Fi & online data portals
  • Kris Benett

    Kris Benett

    Blockchain Influencer, #blockchainbeardguy - USA
    #2 most influential blockchain expert on brave new coin
  • Ambreena Budaly

    Ambreena Budaly

    Global Senior Manager, Lego - UK
    Leads a content lab for the no1 brand on Youtube, Lego
  • Samuel Burke

    Samuel Burke

    CNNMoney Business + Technology Correspondent, CNN - USA
    Emmy Award winning journalist who Led CNNMoney's global technology coverage & reporting on the world's top business stories
  • Desiree El Chebeir

    Desiree El Chebeir

    VP, Digital, McKinsey & Company - UAE
    Leads Agile and Product Management at McKinsey Digital Labs in Dubai.
  • Anthony El-Khoury

    Anthony El-Khoury

    General Manager, UBER - UAE
    Anthony manages city operations and growth, adapting the Uber business model to local city demands.
  • Haysam Fahmy

    Haysam Fahmy

    Senior Advisor - Egypt
    Launched the Middle East's first digital bank & initiated a series of successul global digital campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Chris Fleming

    Chris Fleming

    CEO, Cyberhawk - UK
    A pioneer in the drone inspection industry, leads field teams on the most technically challenging projects for Cyberhawk.
  • Robert G. Urban

    Robert G. Urban

    Global Head Innovation, Johnson & Johnson - USA
    Listed among the "Top 100 Most Visionary Leaders" in biotechnology
  • Miguel Gaspar

    Miguel Gaspar

    Deputy Mayor for Mobility and Safety, City of Lisbon
    drives the city’s current & future urban mobility policies, including city traffic management, municipal BUS and Tram company Carris