• Matteo Rizzi

    Matteo Rizzi

    Founder, FintechStage - Portugal
    “One of the 40 most influential FinTech executives in Europe” by Financial News
  • Ernan Roman

    Ernan Roman

    President, ERDM Corp - USA
    Crain’s BtoB Magazine named him as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Marketing
  • Nicola Roviaro

    Nicola Roviaro

    Head of Data Trust and Privacy Specialists, Google
  • Mansour Salameh

    Mansour Salameh

    Head of Omni-Channel Retail, Facebook
  • Nelly Saoud

    Nelly Saoud

    General Manager , Integration and Services (I & S) Strategic Business Unit
  • Rishi Saxena

    Rishi Saxena

    Head of Measurement, Facebook - UAE
  • Ezzat Sayegh

    Ezzat Sayegh

    Managing Partner, Cloud for Work - UAE
  • Jean Luc Scherer

    Jean Luc Scherer

    Founder & CEO, Innoopolis - UAE
  • John Schwartz

    John Schwartz

    Head of Business Developement, edX - USA
    He has the ability of the platform to upskill, re-skill their work forces as AI, Automation and technology in general for the workplace.
  • Stephen Severance

    Stephen Severance

    Head, Program Management and Marketing, Masdar
  • Mayur Suresh Shah

    Mayur Suresh Shah

    Director, platform marketing, WaveMaker, Inc - UAE
  • Varsha Shah

    Varsha Shah

    Director - Marketing & Sales, iWEB TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. - UAE

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