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  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee

    Inventor of the World Wide Web
    Inventor of the World Wide Web
  • Shakel Ahmed
  • Scott Austin

    Scott Austin

    Senior Executive VP of North America, Everledger - Singapore
    Over 17 years of experience in the RFID and Smartcard Industry & over 30 yrs of C-Level International business experience, start-ups & M&A activity
  • Santiago Bañales

    Santiago Bañales

    Managing Director, Iberdrola Innovation Middle East-UAE
  • Sebastien Jean Bernard Henot

    Sebastien Jean Bernard Henot

    Business Innovation, Renault - UAE
  • Samuel Burke

    Samuel Burke

    CNNMoney Business + Technology Correspondent, CNN - USA
    Emmy Award winning journalist who Led CNNMoney's global technology coverage & reporting on the world's top business stories
  • Sevtap Duman

    Sevtap Duman

    Software Engineer, Mimecast - UAE
  • Steve Geiger

    Steve Geiger

    President, Innova Partners - UAE
  • Safdar Hussain

    Safdar Hussain

    Lead Data Scientist - Financial Crime, Most Reputed Financial Industry
  • Sanjive Khosla

    Sanjive Khosla

    Vice President – Research and Analytics , Expo 2020 - UAE
  • Steve Lok

    Steve Lok

    Global Head, Martech, The Economist
    Sheds light on how they use marketing tech to serve the brand's thought leadership and build trust with millions of new readers
  • Stephen Severance

    Stephen Severance

    Head, Program Management and Marketing, Masdar


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