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  • Neal Cross

    Neal Cross

    Chief Innovation Officer, DBS Bank - Singapore
    Most Disruptive CIO award by impressing judges Steve Wozniak and Sir Richard Branson at the finals of the Talent Unleashed Awards 2016
  • Nauman Afsar

    Nauman Afsar

    Regional Director, Enterprise Solutions, Huawei
    Channel Ecosystem Evangelist, Business Leadership, Digital & Cloud Transformation
  • Nicolas Boudot

    Nicolas Boudot

    VP Sales & Marketing , SoftBank Robotics - UAE
  • Nachiket Girish Deshpande

    Nachiket Girish Deshpande

    Founder, AXS Solutions - UAE
  • Nigel Charles Payne

    Nigel Charles Payne

    Owner/Director, Quiescent Ltd - UK
  • Nicola Roviaro

    Nicola Roviaro

    Head of Data Trust and Privacy Specialists, Google
  • Nelly Saoud

    Nelly Saoud

    General Manager , Integration and Services (I & S) Strategic Business Unit
  • Natasha Taylor

    Natasha Taylor

    Principal Lecturer and Lead for Simulation, Coventry University
  • Nick Wilsdon

    Nick Wilsdon

    Search product Owner, Vodafone Group - UAE


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