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  • Jonathan Lacoste

    Jonathan Lacoste

    President, Jebbit - USA
    Brands are trying to implement personalised marketing but Jebbit revolutionised it
  • Japjit Tulsi

    Japjit Tulsi

    VP Engineer, Ebay - USA
    Developmed the ShopBot, Ebay's new AI Shopping assistant which can scan through over 1 billion products and help reduce complexity in shopping
  • Johan Ander

    Johan Ander

    Head of SmartLiving Program Manager, Fortum - Sweden
    Led one of the largest R&D programs for 4 years with Ericsson, ABB & Electrolux: Smart Energy City
  • Jeremy K. Balkin

    Jeremy K. Balkin

    Head of SmartLiving Program Manager , Fortum - Sweden
  • John Schwartz

    John Schwartz

    Head of Business Developement, edX - USA
    He has the ability of the platform to upskill, re-skill their work forces as AI, Automation and technology in general for the workplace.
  • Jay Srage

    Jay Srage

    Senior VP, Qualcomm - UAE
    Ranked in the top 10 regional execs by Forbes Middle East & dubbed as The Transformer in their latest cover story on Digital Transformation.
  • Jon Walton

    Jon Walton

    CIO, San Mateo - USA
    Under his leadership, SMC was awarded the third place as the most Tech-Savvy counties in USA.