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  • Andrey Belozerov

    Andrey Belozerov

    Strategy & Innovations Advisor to CIO, Moscow - Russia
    Heading Moscow's innovation initiatives, including city-wide Wi-Fi & online data portals
  • Ambreena Budaly

    Ambreena Budaly

    Global Senior Manager, Lego - UK
    Leads a content lab for the no1 brand on Youtube, Lego
  • Anthony El-Khoury

    Anthony El-Khoury

    General Manager, UBER - UAE
    Anthony manages city operations and growth, adapting the Uber business model to local city demands.
  • Ala Hason

    Ala Hason

    Senior Vice President and Director of MENA, HKS Architects - UAE
    Specializes in master planning & urban design, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, office, corporate headquarters, mixed use & transportion
  • Anoo Mehmi

    Anoo Mehmi

    Global Digital Content Strategist, GSK - UK
    A digital strategy lead expert in digital media channels, managing digital transformation for the business