Prince Randy Koussou Alam Sogan

Prince Randy Koussou Alam Sogan


Prince Randy K. A. Sogan Koussou is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner & Philanthropist, Founder and President of Black Lion Rising Investments and Black Lion Holdings, an independent consulting firm. Black Lion's principal activity is to introduce sources of investment capital to African Markets.  Black Lion explores and strengthens partnerships on various levels in the areas of Investments/Finance, Growth Strategies, Jobs, Socio-Economic Development, Infrastructure Development, Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Hotel & Tourism, Telecommunications, Transportation (Railways Systems, Roads, Bridges), Deep Sea Ports, Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass), Education, Healthcare, Agriculture Development and Media. Black Lion is active in 22 African countries, 80 medium to large projects. Prince Randy is also Founder and President of the "Child of the Universe" Philanthropic Project aimed at improving the level of Education and Health-Care in all 55 African Nations. The Project directly tackles challenges such as Public Schools Infrastructure, Sustainable Communities Development, Women Empowerment, Rural Health-Care Initiatives, Low-Cost Broadband Access. Prince Randy is an Expert Member of the EU Africa Chamber of Commerce. Prince Randy has a diverse  Cultural Heritage including Benin, Togo and Lebanon. He lives in Paris, London, Cotonou and Accra.  


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