Evelyn Lewis

Evelyn Lewis


Mr. Lewis is the Chief Executive Officer of SBTS Group, Trainingsol and Kallmania with services ranging from Cybersecurity, Training, Turnkey technology solutions, Outsourced services, Call center and biometrics for pensions. With nearly three decades in technology, his firms have presence in Sierra Leone, India and Washington, D.C with upcoming locations in Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia. Mr. Lewis is a seasoned Entrepreneur/Techpreneur and multi-million dollars corporate sales executive serving in numerous capacities as an experienced and motivated professional with an infectious passion for building businesses from the ground up and weathering their growth cycles. He was the pioneer of the Ebola case management and call center software with over 300 employees at the peak of the operations. He has proven skills for growing existing portfolios through building and retaining mutually beneficial relationships with internal teams, clients, partners while serving as a mentor with great leadership skills and can perfectly fit where talent and results are appreciated. Mr. Lewis has tremendous experience in international travel with over 32 countries visited. Having served as the ISOC Chairperson Sierra Leone Chapter, he helped Sierra Leone in writing its first national IT policy and worked with colleagues in the landing of the first Fiber Optic cable in Sierra Leone.

Specialties: Excellent team builder, Idea to actuation, proven closer, can train on numerous subjects ranging from Staffing, Entrepreneurship, CRM, Sales, Marketing, Operations, diversity, innovation, Leadership, project management, negotiations, real estate transactions, training with excellent mentoring skills. Multi-lingual: English (expert), Spanish (Fair), French (Fair), Krio (Expert).

Mr. Lewis attended George Mason University with B.A.I.S in International Studies.

With three successful startups and several board positions and investment in Real Estate, he continues to ply the African continent for solutions to youth unemployment and bringing Africa to the digital age through outsourcing and other engagements.


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