Dakota Semler

Dakota Semler

Co-Founder & CEO, XOS (Thor Trucks)
United States

28-Year-Old Building an electric truck to beat TESLA to market

Dakota Semler is the co-founder and CEO of Thor Trucks, Inc. His passion for the clean fuels and experience in Fleet Operations established the founding vision for Thor Trucks. Dakota’s business and leadership aptitude have been realized through successful ventures in hospitality, real estate, and tour operations. Dakota’s vision for XOS Trucks is to create battery-electric commercial vehicles that achieve performance benchmarks of an existing diesel, accomplish higher levels of reliability, and are commercially viable without public subsidization. This vision has led XOS Trucks to build and launch its first fully-electric class-8 semi-truck prototype, the ET-One, in December 2017. When the ET-One goes to production in 2019, a base model with a 100-mile range (when fully loaded to 40 tons) will start at $150K, and a 300-mile version at $250K. XOS is also collaborating with UPS to develop a class 6 delivery truck. Dakota concurrently serves as CEO and founder of Malibu Wines Safari.


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