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Virtual Makeover Mirrors

Virtual Makeover Mirrors

SenseMi DMCC Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-C36
  1. SenseMi mirrors are plug-and-play solutions with a full HD display which has touch screen capabilities and equipped with HD cameras.
  2. The mirror is enabled with 360 Degree base movement to adjust the mirror for every height.
  3. External USB Device can be used to load new products, update firmware etc.
  4. Lipstick, Blush, Eye Shadow, Contouring, Eye lens, Hair etc. can be loaded into the mirror and virtually tried.
  5. Live Streaming is possible hence consultation with people located anywhere is easy.
  6. Products can be purchased directly from the mirror.
  7. The mirror is linked to the Inventory system.
  8. There are provisions with the mirror to show promotions, advertisements etc.
  9. Promotional coupons can be used by the customers, in case of availability of such.
  10. The mirror has web based Control Panel for Remote Management.
  11. Real time statistics can be displayed on the mirror.
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