TWN4 Slim

TWN4 Slim

ELATEC GmbH Hall: Sheikh Rashid Hall Stand: SR-H30

Due to its sleek, elegant design, the TWN4 Slim is perfect for many application cases: This extremely small reader can, for example, be perfectly integrated into a printer to provide users with a powerful secure printing solution. The TWN4 Slim measures only 65.5 x 45.5 mm and is therefore smaller than a credit card. It’s also only four millimeters thick. Thanks to its compact design, the product can very easily be applied in other industrial sectors. It features integrated antennas for HF, LF, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as well as a Micro USB interface. An RGB LED and a tone generator create feedback for the authentication process. This small device also places a big emphasis on service and maintenance: Firmware updates can be conveniently executed via the USB interfaces. Elatec offers various USB cable sets and adapters for integration. Along with that, a SAM slot is provided for applications with enhanced security requirements.

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