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The TATWEERI Program

1.     VAT – Preparing for Taxation and Understanding its Implementation

This module is specifically designed to introduce the concept of VAT to the enterprises operating in GCC region. The training will help entities in gaining an insight of upcoming challenges arising from the implementation of VAT, changes in their cash flows, profitability, sales and cost structures.


2.    Emerging Leaders – Bringing Out the Leader in You

The module focuses on Three key aspects, namely, building and developing a team, communicating and influencing and, leading and managing change, that enables individuals to exhibit true leadership skills and, face challenges with a clear mindset that directly reflects the outcome they would expect.


3.    Financial Literacy – Taking Control of Company Finances

Aimed at experienced individuals, with a non-finance background, this interactive module will help one understand how financial information is constructed and how to determine the financial status of a company as well as prepare the necessary accounts for book keeping.

4.    Efficient Entrepreneurship – Efficiency, the Key to a Successful Business

Being efficient in today’s market is a necessity to operate sustainably. Two aspects that need to be considered is time management and, problem solving and decision making. This allows individuals to optimize their performance which in-turn increases productivity and contributes immensely towards the output of any business.

5.    The KAPLAN Business Challenge – The “Monopoly Game” for Businesses

This realistic business simulation mirrors the commercial pressures of a struggling business. Individuals are grouped into teams that work in competition, acting as senior management through a variety of strategic and financial decisions, in competition with other teams in the room. These individuals are tasked with turning businesses around and creating value for shareholders.

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