SOVA - Smart Voice Platform

SOVA - Smart Voice Platform

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Smart Open Virtual Assistant (SOVA) is a platform for creating, training, and using virtual assistants, interfaces and voice command devices.

We are creating a competitor product are providing developers and businesses the opportunities to customize the assistant and create their own, unique virtual assistants.

SOVA is created by the joint efforts of over 60 developers, linguists, and Data Science specialists who focused on releasing and developing a genuinely independent voice operational system.

SOVA Capabilities For Users

Users can download SOVA smart assistant to their smartphone, computer or on any other gadget from the wide spectrum of platform supported devices.

In addition to working as a personal assistant, SOVA app can connect to various home- or work-based appliances, to a smart home control loop, to a smart car and many other devices.

The user can remotely control what is happening both outside and inside of the room/premises/office space. They can get immediate access to information on weather, traffic, personal finances, upcoming meetings, latest news, and special offers.

SOVA Capabilities For Developers

We provide developers with an API on expanding SOVA voice assistants capabilities and with a marketplace SOVA Market for selling the developed modules.

SOVA Capabilities For Business

Our platform is available for customizing to different types of businesses. Business owners and entrepreneurs can use our technology as:

-virtual call centers, customer service, corporate voice chatbots, virtual shop assistants, etc.;

-a tool for embedding diverse appliances with voice control (e.g. a fridge, a washing machine, a printer, a coffee machine, a toaster, etc.;

-a manufacturing line voice control adaption;

-a virtual office manager (setting up, controlling and recording of meetings  office climate control, automated employee identification);

-car voice control (driving, evaluating status, building routes); etc.

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