SmartBot Platform

SmartBot Platform

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We offer a wide range of industry-specific solutions, including solutions for companies working with personal data and multi-million audiences.

Out in-house unique platform for chatbot development provides numerous advantages compared to other products on the market.

About our platform:

1. Dialog processor (conversation system)

Dialog processor facilitates fuzzy adaptive search in the knowledge base and calculates answer relevance to a user’s inquiry. Can be used for almost any language, from Arabic to Chinese.

2. Development environment in DL (Dialog Language), in-house linguistic programming language

Our technology allows us to create complex dialog scenarios in natural language.

Our script models can be adjusted for any situation with relative ease. For instance, certain topics or phrases can be set to trigger the switch from chatbot to a human operator, while providing them with a customizable set of data.

3. Knowledge base and vocabularies (semantic and syntactic)

The platform is multilingual. Our linguists are proficient even with fusional languages that generally have a wider variety of forms and a free word order. 

4. External integration system

Our solution could be used in 3 ways: SaaS, via the integration module on the customer's servers, or via complete on-premises installation.

We provide easy WEB API integration with most services and information systems.

We support most communication channels: websites, portals, mobile apps, messengers (Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Kik, Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp), social networks (,, Yandex.Alice, Google Assistant, and other voice channels.

5. Customization dashboard providing access to settings and analytics tools

The dashboard contains such statistics as: number of returning users, most popular dialog topics, NPS, CTR, number of unrecognized cues and much more.,  

Regular analysis of the chatbot goes beyond figures, allowing for its constant improvement.

Our chatbots don't just answer questions, they are able to carry an intelligent dialog with an unlimited depth, in the same way as a human operator would.

Our chatbot platform facilitating communication is designed to support high workload and industrial-size operations (supports up to 1 million virtual consultants and 500 simultaneous inquiries).

Our chatbots are fitted with various product modules that are easily adjusted to the needs of each particular customer (lead capture, response evaluation, e-mailing, creating CRM logs, etc.). This is important, because this entails ready-made solutions as opposed to developing solutions from scratch.

We are constantly improving our chatbots based on the results of log monitoring. This ensures that they do not remain “static” after release and grow ever more intelligent.

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