SkyDNS Hall: Sheikh Rashid Hall Stand: SR-H26

ISP Go is a sophisticated parental control platform designed for telecoms to introduce an appropriately named service which can easily be monetized. The solution allows both, an internet service provider and its subscribers, to manage the parental control service.

SkyDNS ISP Go is a standalone solution installed inside the operator's network on a dedicated physical or virtual server. The platform's designed with an open architecture in mind. ISP Go is totally brand free. After integration via API with operator's systems like OSS/BSS and a self-care portal the platform provides a parental control service under the operator's own brand.

The software platform is intended to overcome the limits of NATed internet access because it is deployed inside operators' networks with access to internal IPs. ISP Go uses the same technology and database as the SkyDNS cloud service. It guarantees high performance, stability and filtering quality for SkyDNS customers.

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