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SafeDNS provides access to its web categorization database to developers and vendors:

  • Software products (DLP & DPI systems, firewalls, antiviruses, content filters, parental control systems and the like).
  • Networking hardware (Proxy servers, web gateways. firewalls).

  • Websites with a large amount of third-party links in need of security verification (Online forums & chats, social media sites, advertising systems).

What you get with Web Categorization Database

  • Access to tens of millions of categorized websites сovering all resources in the visible part of the internet.
  • Dozens of content categories, сustomizable up to 200 custom topic, according to the vendor’s needs.

  • High precision web categorization. Armed with a proprietary automatic categorization system, the company delivers precise web categorization, highly accurate in detection of malware and botnets.

  • Regular updates. With daily updates the database contains only relevant information. No non-existing sites in the web categorization database.

What you can use SafeDNS Database for

  • Improve internet security for users of your products. Protect the users from known and emerging cyber threats with precise threat categorization. A list of internet security categories includes botnets C&Cs, virus propagation, malware, phishing sites, and more.
  • Detect malicious sites. A proprietary malware detection system expands coverage of the SafeDNS database, aided by powerful and continuous machine learning system and user behavior analysis. New resources are added constantly to the security-related categories.

  • Comply with the regulation. The web categorization database includes illegal sites and URLs marked for blocking by public and private authorities.

  • Filter the internet. Provide enterprise and SMB with a reliable tool for internet control and policy compliance. Offer educators and parents the best-in-class solution to protect kids online against inappropriate content.

  • Boost functionality & quality of your products. Add value to your solutions by expanding their set of features with new ones, based of the database information. Take the quality of your content filters and parental control systems to a higher level with the SafeDNS database.

  • Refine your user profile. Get a better idea about your users’ web browsing with the information on which sites and content categories your users access, which sites and categories are most popular with your users. An accurate user profile will help you to target advertising more effectively.

The technological foundation of everything SkyDNS does is our own web categorization database, SkyDNS DB of over 110M sites classified into 61 content categories. To achieve that, SkyDNS processes and analyzes terabytes of data – DNS logs, data collected off the internet via our own farm of web crawlers and other sources. Our research team works with bid data using such methods as continuous machine learning, AI and user behavior analysis to enrich SkyDNS DB and ensure high quality of web categorization.

We pay special attention to detection of dangerous resources and web-based threats. That's why the company launched a high-precision system for detecting malicious websites. It significantly increased our users' safety online and appended the SkyDNS DB categories most relevant to internet security. Armed with such sophisticated technology SkyDNS provides a number of solutions for partners and customers.

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