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Senzit Senzit

Senzit is a Sentiment Analysis & Prediction tool leveraging Artificial Intelligence for superior sentiment detection and prediction.  It utilizes omni-channel communication, data and information to identify and predict sentiments.  It can be utilized by practically any business for enhancing customer, employee or brand experience.

It aims to provide not just a current trend of sentiments across critical functional categories of a business, but also predict the sentiment based on historical data, trends and using the power of machine learning and intelligence.

Senzit provides the following features

  • Monitor real time sentiments of customers, employees, brand or your service using practically any source of information and data available.
  • Predict negative or positive sentiments to allow proactive actions.  Executives will get alerts on potential changes to the sentiment trends.
  • Train your data to continuously leverage the benefits of real time and predictive sentiment analysis.

The benefits are proven and evident

  1. Deeper insights to sentiment trends that are not typically evident from day-to-day communication and information sources.
  2. Significant improvement to customer, product, employee, brand or service experience
  3. Actionable predictive alerts to proactively address any negative sentiments or boost positive sentiments.
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