Operational Offshore Planning Cloud

Operational Offshore Planning Cloud

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With Offshore Operational Planning Cloud you can ensure that your people are visible across the business and deploy the right person, to the right project, at the right time, every time.

What does our solution do?

  • Enables end-to-end execution of offshore operational planning and crew rostering in a single, fully integrated Oracle Cloud solution
  • Tracks every aspect of the lifecycle with detailed reporting on forthcoming plans, health and safety, flight bookings, and Person On Board
  • Allows the tracking of crew requirements by vessel/ rig per trip​
  • Matches staff competencies to vessel requirements​
  • Tracks assignments of staff to specific vessels and trips​
  • Generates project costings for all crew assignments by trip​
  • Automates processing and management of all project activity


  • Concentrate on value-added tasks by reducing time spent on administration
  • Increase visibility of project activity based on real time plans​
  • Improve financial control through better planning of the crew rostering and mobilisation process​es
  • Reduce corporate risk by ensuring accuracy in the planning of activity​

“This system has exceeded expectation, the development for the future seems endless and the support we have been provided from the Apex team has made this integration the success that it is.”
Nicola Simpson, HR Advisor

“It’s become an invaluable tool for the business, we now have the ability to efficiently forward plan and schedule the resourcing of the entire fleet in order to meet vessel and equipment utilisation."
Michael O'Holloran, Planner

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