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How it works?

You can feel your dream house before it is built. You can move the furniture, you can imagine where to create your relaxing zone, you can change the walls or you can design your desires. How? It is unRealistically easy. 

Using One ARchitect, the 3D sketches will be converted into the application and there you have the unique chance to show your client, on a smart device, how his dream house is going to look like, right on the building site. 

The client can select de model, can select furniture or art deco elements, can change their position or just play with it until he will be satisfied. 

With One ARchitect, you just CAN!


What we offer?

Database API (Application Programming Interface) server: all data (procedures, checklists etc.) are stored and exported to mobile apps.

Mobile application: quick access to view the project in 1:1 size.

One ARchitect can be delivered with high-performance devices (smart glasses, smartphones and tablets).


What you win?

-  Increases sales;

-  Saves time and travel costs for clients;

-  Makes a full overview of the building/property;

-  Provides 3D generated images and videos with the possibility of changing the surroundings;

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