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NoiseGrasp helps clients open the black box by making SENSE OUT OF THE NOISE.

Using our predictive AI-based technology that’s over 90% accurate, we can reveal and predict how internal and external drivers impact sales. What’s more, we even make this happen under noisy, real world conditions of small data.

The result: Executives can take calculated risks on their ad spending strategy, and achieve SALES JUMPS OF 10% TO 20% AND MORE!


Our main goal is to help advertisers answer one of the most frequent yet complex questions they face: “how should I allocate my advertising budget among the available media touchpoints”. Combining advanced math with software technology we are able to model how consumers react to different marketing activities, allowing us to run multiple “what-if” scenarios and predict their outcomes, ultimately assisting the marketer to take better and more frequent decisions regarding their media mix. Combining internal, market and competitor’s information, we build complex artificial intelligence representations of the market and consumers, the basis to predicting outcomes from different media activities. This representation is then integrated into our planning software, which is made available to marketers to create every campaign in their plan, define individual parameters for each and get recommendations on the optimal media mix, a full analysis of the campaign’s ROI and predictions on sales, branding and other relevant metrics. Our unique approach of developing artificial intelligence over pure statistics has allowed us to create an extremely scalable solution, while still retaining the specificity of every client’s customer behavior. This focus on developing a highly scalable solution, combining the latest software and mathematical technologies, is what allows us to provide high quality recommendations and predictions at a fraction of the cost and implementation time needed by traditional solutions.

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