Media Service

Media Service

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Staying on top of the online video trend, LDC offers various media streaming solutions that fit the needs of any broadcasting channel. Statistics show that streaming video accounts for more than two thirds of all internet traffic and this number is expected to grow to more than 82% . LDC has built deep domain knowledge over the past years with experience spanning more than 15 years in the media streaming industry.
Live streaming online video can be for a satellite broadcasting company to its online social media channel ,or online streaming can be done for specific events such as governmental or corporate special events, or educational lectures in order to reach a larger audience. Live streaming passes through many stages,
starting with receiving the satellite broadcast through our advanced satellite infrastructure, it is then encoded and streamed to Microsoft Azure on the cloud where it is streamed to the viewers.
LDC also offers a platform and cloud streaming service for Video On Demand. Our VOD platform offers myriad features that is guaranteed to wow your audience and ease your application management. Features include but are not limited to editing videos, adding text, tagging and sharing on social media.
Our media service solutions have an endless list of features that uniquely differentiate us from the crowd. We use adaptive bit rate to ensure the best streaming quality, our visual monitoring technical support means that your streaming will have 100% accuracy, and we provide insightful statistics that help content and media providers better customize their services to their customers. In addition we are
fully integrated with Azure Media Services for a bug free and smooth service.

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