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How it works?

Master OneAR is a content creation platform that gives you the fastest access to working instructions through augmented reality (AR) technology. Using Master OneAR in a branched workflow means the best real-time solution to fix the problem, providing intuitive and visual instructions. Using smart devices you have the key to visualize in 3D generated images & videos the components and to get 3D instructions.

Master OneAR connects you all over the world with experts that can give you live assistance.  Being connected through Master OneAR, „they can see what you see” so they can give you useful instructions and guidance. They will be connected to your needs in real-time using smart glasses or smart devices.

Master OneAR solution gives you money and comfort because it significantly reduces the intervention time on regularly maintenance procedures. Also, you cannot lose anything because all datas are stored on a server.


What we offer?

Database API (Application Programming Interface) server: all data (procedures, checklists etc.) are stored and exported to mobile apps.

Mobile application: you can actually view the assemblies of asset components in 3D generated images & videos.

Master OneAR can be delivered with high-performance devices (smart glasses, smartphones, tablets).


What you win? 

-   Assembles/disassembles equipment;

-   Reduces repaire time & failure  and increases efficiency;

-   Saves time and travel costs for training the employees;

-   Provides smart training and support at work and on-site;

-   Acces and receive real-time data;

-   Provides live video streaming assistance;

-   Provides detailed procedures and checklists;

-   Ensures freedom of movement during procedures.

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