Inoventica Technology Hall: Sheikh Rashid Hall Stand: SR-C30

Сustomers in focus:

  • Telecom carriers
  • Service providers
  • DC carriers / hosting companies
  • Media companies
  • Banks and financial institutes
  • B2B and B2G with substantial own IT infrastructure

invGUARD implementation values:

1.       Cost effective solution for cyberattack detection and prevention (DoS/DDoS attacks, signature-less malicious impacts)

2.       Risk reduction of denial-of-service attack to managed objects (web sites, e-shops, media, etc.)

3.       Effective tool for traffic analysis and network infrastructure optimization

4.       Easy integration with existing network management platforms via SNMP (HP OV, IBM Tivoli, Zabbix, Nagios, etc.)

5.       Extra security via multi-level protection (Cloud Signaling)

6.       SLA monitoring for managed object access

7.       Effective tool for manage of telco services expenses

8.       Extra revenue source from DoS/DDoS prevention services for B2B/B2C

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