Hiteshi - AI Chatbot

Hiteshi - AI Chatbot

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  • Hiteshi - AI Chatbot
  • Hiteshi - AI Chatbot
Hiteshi - AI Chatbot Hiteshi - AI Chatbot

Chatbots are leading the way to disrupt every industrial sector and business holding the ability to provide a deep analysis of key metrics including sales, customer engagement, traffic and much more.

Imagine, if each person has a dedicated Personal Assistant and Coach who understands their level of skill, knowledge, performance, and motivation and helps them with all the input and support to do better, and be better every day. 

That’s what our friendly HR chatbot does. We are all set this year to launch this application and drive human resources management and employee engagement for your business as smooth as butter. HR bot helps you with almost every common HR-related query.

The advantage of this app will be seen when major queries will be shooted by employees at your HR mailbox and will be seamlessly answered by our HR bot. Most importantly, our chatbot can perform various HR-related mundane tasks like fetching employee data, conducting surveys, disbursing employee payslips, showing tax deductions. Isn’t it amazing?

The main features of HR Chatbot include:

  1. 24/7 access:  The self-service portal offers a smart chatbot to help employees with all the common HR-related queries. It provides a highly personalized user experience by filtering out the data and helping you with online query resolution
  2. Formula Based earning & deductions: This system helps in calculating error-free salary and bonuses (if any)
  3. Leave Tracking: HR Chatbot will help you with your leave related queries or track leave application status
  4. Reduce manual intervention and time-saving
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