Herbie - Virtual Assistant

Herbie - Virtual Assistant

  • Herbie - Virtual Assistant
  • Herbie - Virtual Assistant
Herbie - Virtual Assistant Herbie - Virtual Assistant

Chatbot Key Features supported include 

  • Artificially Intelligent Chatbot with Natural Language Processing capabilities. 
  • Serving your Visitors & Customers in a charming way and serves their needs tirelessly 24 x 7 x 365 
  • Can handle millions of clients seamlessly 
  • Supports 162+ Languages. 
  • Built over Microsoft AI Platform for Framework. 
  • Using WIT.AI for Natural Language Processing capabilities & Speech Recognition. 
  • Ready built APIs for seamless integration with Core Systems, CRM Applications, etc

Herbie chatbot from Finesse supports 

  • Omni Channel - Herbie is AI Powered Human like BOT – Ready to serve across all customer care channels including voice, text, web chat, social and mobile. 
  • Connect from any Social Media Channels. Run Social Campaign and generate leads 24 x 7 x 365
  • Push notifications to any of the social channels specific to the customer
  • Herbie can speak - Now clients can speak to Herbie and get response. Supports automatic translation with 162+ Languages 
  • Data Integrity - Herbie authenticates your customers with right tools and ensure 100% Privacy of the conversation with world class encryption methodologies 
  • Easily Configurable Content, Indent and Context Management . Design your Surveys, Input forms on the fly and gather insights
  • Pre-built Integrations - Herbie supports seamless integration to your CRM, ERP or any of your core applications with highly secured APIs, Web services, ESBs, MQs, Custom Adapters 
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