Green Cell Ultra - Notebook Batteries

Green Cell Ultra - Notebook Batteries

Green Cell Hall: Sheikh Maktoum Hall Stand: SM-D11

ULTRA capacity of the battery comes from:
- High-power Panasonic cells with the extremely high real capacity – increased by over 50% – maintaining standard battery dimensions
- Advanced Texas Industries control electronics, that are also used by plaptop manufacturers
- Durable and perfectly matching case, resistant to shocks and damages, made of high-performance ABS plastic

All Ultra batteries have passed long hours of thorough quality tests. Thus, the users may be certain that they buy a proven quality accessory that will maintain its functionality over a long period of time.

Buying a new battery is a better solution than investing in a new notebook. The saved funds may be used for other purposes. The laptop will gain a new life, and the wallet of the user remains heftier. 

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