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Green Cell PRO - Notebook Chargers

Green Cell PRO - Notebook Chargers

Green Cell Hall: Sheikh Maktoum Hall Stand: SM-D11

The dedicated power supply unit guarantees safety of the charging cycle and operation of your laptop. With it, you will gain higher mobility and certainty that you provide your equipment with matched accessory.

With strict quality control procedures and perfect matching of power supply unit, users are guaranteed that their equipment will be charged with stable voltage. This allows to avoid various breakdowns from mismatching of chargers with the laptop. The Green Cell Pro chargers ensure protection against overload, overheating, and shorting. This broad range of protection allows to extend the life of both the battery and the laptop.
The key advantages of the Green Cell PRO charger:
* Diodes and transistors of higher quality 
* An additional mains filter 
* A complete set of protection measures
* A larger radiator
* A durable 1.2 m power supply cord 

The Pro series power supply units have a 3-year warranty. The users are thus certain that they buy a proven source of power for their equipment, which will efficiently serve them for a long time.

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